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Postavljen 01-01-2011

Immediate and convenient! Property in Kolasin 22,100 m2

Mesto Upper Lipovo bb
Država Crna Gora
Oglašava Vlasnik
Tekst oglasa Property in Kolasin, a village of Upper Lipovo, 22100 m2. The property is located near the factory of the Aqua Monta, and near the newly built church and elementary school. Above property passes the main road. On the farm there is an old family home, which can be renovated and is not included in the price of property (that is, it's free). Price per square meter property is 15 Euro. On the farm there is lush vegetation, natural source of water, electricity and the possibility of introducing / renewal phone line. Nearby is a small river Plasnica.

Površina 221,0 ar
Cena € 330.000